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Membership to Health Counts website aims to bring you the most up to date, relevant, and natural, non -invasive, self care strategies and integrative health, wealth and wisdom building programs, affiliate offers, events and insights from Dr. Deborah Drake.  Through her vast experience and and travells, Health Counts collects the best of the best modern tools, technology and educational resources, selected for their simplicity and accessibility to help in your self development process. The tools are geared toward our motto : Get Healthy, Get Wealthy and Get Wise. Each subplatform contains further blog, galleries, and resources, FAQ's and a monthly guide of Organ Rotation for the year. If simplicity is what you are looking for, then look no further. This basic membership provides access to our blog, or a la carte coursework.  If your prefer more indepth tuition based studies, please see our MENTORSHIP prgram for the orientation and practical links to help you stay in charge of your self-help development using cutting-edge education, innovative technologies, and concise learning programs, for ease of use yet accessing wisdom from years of trainers experience and healthcare careers to offer you tips for self-focus, tools with ease of access and custom guides to support you, and links to our supportive blogs such as, and plus and 

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