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Dr. Deborah Drake has been a health care professional for 45 years as an Family, emergency and Sports Physician, then an Integrative Medicine Doctor, Health Coach, and Educator specializing in Gut Health, Bioterrain, Nutrition, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness, and became an international instructor in Quantum Biofeedback, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy), and Light Therapy.

Dr. Drake has an integrative background with many degrees. She began her career as a Medical Doctor in Allopathic and Emergency Medicine with a Bachelor's degree in Science in Biology, Kinesiology, and Psychology. After 25 years in allopathic practice, she retired from the invasive medical model to a noninvasive Natural Integrative Medicine Practice for the past 20 years.


She now shares her wisdom and extensive clinical experience by teaching others, and focuses her efforts on Humanitarian Services, Educating, Integrative Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Bioenergetic Medicine, and Frequency, Magnetic and Light Therapy.

Dr. Drake’s multifaceted practice was based in Toronto, and she recently moved to Newmarket as a Webcaster, teaching and coaching online, where she works with clients locally and remotely around the world. Her practice is based on utilizing noninvasive sports, sex, gut and immune nutrition, natural Ayurvedic herbs and detox therapies, and bioenergetic strategies including remote access measurement tools and therapies like Quantum Biofeedback, PEMF, Light Therapy, Biocrystal Sleep Solutions, Structured Water, EMF Pollution protection, Heavy Metal Detox with Ionic Foot Baths etc. This combination of safe, effective Cost reducing modalities is ideal for optimizing health, and allows her students and clients to live the energetic life they truly deserve.


Dr. Drake is the Director of the Department of Bioenergetic Medicine at the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine, where she teaches Integrative Health Coach Certification, Stewardship, and Professional Development. She is an executive member of the Board of Integrative Medicine certifying natural healthcare practitioners. Dr. Drake is a Humanitarian with the World Organization of Natural Medicine, Spokesperson, Science Advisor, and Educator for various modern, natural, and preventative therapies and technologies.

Her Humanitarian efforts go towards helping mandate the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) policy and also designed and engineered user-friendly Biofeedback Software apps for at-home use.


She is the author of Bioenergetix, Sleeping your Way to Wellness, and the Turning Point 2020 Legacy books on Deep Sleep. She most recently coauthored "Be Equipped to Heal", a compilation of Professors of Natural Integrative Health on must have knowledge for self care in the years ahead.


As an respected pioneer and international quantum medicine educator, she has taught in more than 60 cities worldwide on the topics of Bioenergy: Music as Medicine, Gut Health, Bio Terrain Homeostasis, Pain, Stress, Relaxation, Peak Performance, and Longevity.

She now teaches Live Webinars On Line weekly to train lay persons, coaches, health practitioners and athletes optimal peak performance techniques, tools and natural food based supplements for ideal physiology of the mind, body, emotion and spirit.

In her spaire time she is a composer of music on piano and digital music soundtracks, multi media projects and photography. She is an avid sports women in her youth and continues to walk in nature for the glory and restoration of a meditative peaceful mind. 

About Dr. Deborah Drake 

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Humanitarian Award 2016

World Organization of Natural Medicine

Order Of Excellence

​For Leadership In Humanitarian Clinical Research Education and Dedication to Field of Bioenergetic Device Development for Non-Invasive Natural Medicine Measuring and Monitoring Tool AmpCoil and BetterGuide Software.

Positions & Memberships


Director of Department Of Bioenergetic

Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine

Executive Board and Member of  Board of Integrative Medicine

Lecturer World Organization of Natural Medicine

President of Xybervedix Inc. and HealthCounts Inc.

Provost of Bioenergetics



Scientific Advisories


Sleep Consultant (SleepM Advisory)

Nutritional Advisory Board with PYUR Life Global

Formulator HCS432.com Natural Health Supplement

Online Academy for Integrative Health Coaching, Products, Services

Proprietor Health Counts Website and Events



Wellness for Humanity

Lifetime Achievement Award

​"In Recognition and Sincere Appreciation for Your Exceptional Contribution
and Dedication to Wellness for Humanity."

2017 Woman on Fire

Science & Technology Award

Dr. Deborah Drake was honoured at a Black Tie Gala Awards Ceremony as the Woman On Fire Science and Technology Award Winner for 2017. Dr. Drake presented the AmpCoil BetterGuide PEMF biofeedback self-care home use modified Tesla Coil to an enthusiastic audience and she was interviewed on the inaugural broadcast of Woman on Fire TV interviewed by Pat Roberts. Congratulations and thank you to all the team of inspired colleagues who helped make this possible.



Dr. Deborah Drake 











Doctor of Medicine, M.D, CCFP(EM) from McMaster University

Bachelor's degree in Biology, Kinesiology, and Psychology from the University of Alberta

Doctor of Philosophy, Bioenergetics, Ph.D.

Integrative Medicine Doctor (IMD)

Doctor of Humanitarian Services (DHS)

Osteopath Manual Practice DO(MP)

Certified Biofeedback Practitioner (CBS)

Certified Quantum Instructor (CQI)

Integrative Health Coach (IHC)

Frequency Matrix and Light Therapist (FMT)

PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Instructor and Software Developer

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Herbalist, PunchaKarma

 Auricular Therapist

Psychotherapist - Individual, Couple and Family

 Achievements & Credentials


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