Fundamentals of Wellness 


  • A1 Airway Colon
  • A2 Airway Lung
  • B1 Brain CNS Cerebellum
  • B2 Brain Spinal Cord
  • C1 Circulation Heart
  • C2 Circulation Small Intestine
  • D1 Digestion Stomach Spleen
  • D2 Digestion Pancreas
  • E1 Endocrine Thyroid Adrenal
  • E2 Exocrine Glands Sweat Oil
  • F1 Filter Gall Bladder
  • F2 Filter Liver
  • G1 Genito-Urinary Bladder
  • G2 Genito-Urinary Kidney Prostate
  • H1 Housing Skeleton
  • H2 Housing Connective Tissue
  • I1 Immune System Thymus
  • I2 Immune System Lymphatics 
  • J1 Jacket Skin
  • J2 Jacket Hair Nail Senses
  • K1 Karma Pineal Hypothalamus
  • K2 Hypothalamus Memory
  • L1 Love Pituitary ANterior Sex
  • L2 Love Pituitary Posterior Adrenal


Fundamentals of Detox


  • M1 Microbles
  • M2 Metals & Toxins
  • N1 Nutrition 
  • N2 Nutrition Herxheimer
  • O1 Organ Inflammation
  • O2 Organ Degeneration


Fundamentals of Restoration


  • P1 Pain Acute
  • P2 Pain Chronic
  • Q1 Quest Fitness
  • Q2 Quest Sports Peak Performance
  • R1 Relaxation Mind
  • R2 Relaxation Body
  • S1 Stress Acute
  • S2 Stress Chronic
  • T1 Trauma Minor Acute
  • T2 Trauma Major Chronic


Fundamentals of Rejuvenation

  • U1 Unity of Mind
  • U2 Unity of Mind - Mental Illness
  • V1 Vitality of Energy
  • V2 Vitality for Chronic Fatigue
  • W1 Weight Metabolism
  • W2 Weight Mangagement
  • X1 X for Sex Growth and Development
  • X2 X for Sex Power Purity Fertility
  • Y1 Youth and Growth
  • Y2 Youthful Aging and Longevity
  • Z1 Zen for Creativity Learning
  • Z2 Zen for Sleep





This 52 segments evergreen webinar and turtorial course by Integrative Health Coach Dr. Deborah Drake is a year long membership addressing a new body part per week for a full body balancing, tuning, toning and harmonizing.


Each week a online webinar takes a fun look at each of the body parts in 4 phases, alphabetically in order of importance or synergy with each other, and careful to compare the in and out organs, called the Yin (In) and Yang (out) organs in their natural circardian daily rhythm and their seasonal cleansing priority schedule. 


Phase 1 The Fundamentals of Living Well

Reviews the ABC Engine, DEF Digestion, GHI Genital Housing Skeleton and Immune system, JKL Jacket of Skin/Hair/Nails, Karma Brain and Love Senses.


Phase 2 The Fundamentals of Detox review the MNO MIcrobes, Metals, Nutrition and Organ Risks in much deeper detail. Learn how and when to detox properly and safely to avoid unwantined negative reactions like the Herxheimer overload.


Phase 3 The Fundamentals of Restoration reviews the PQRST for Pain, Quest-Fit, Relaxation, Stress, and Trauma issues. The bodys inflammation to injury or sports wear and tear up to disease distortion or Post Traumatic stresss disorder are addressed with biotechnology corrections.


Phase 4 The Fundamentsl of Rejuvenation reviews the UVWXYZ for longetivity and a happy mind body spirit with Unity of Mind, Vitality, Weight Management, Sexual Purity and Prowess, Youthful Aging and Zen for proper sleep. 


Join in each week and learn how to care for your body.



BE 300 Fundamentals


I Wellness

II Detox

III Restoration

IV Rejuvenation



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