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BE200 Music is Medicine 
BE200 Music Is Medicine
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Music is Medicine

Rest Easy! How? See One, Do One, Teach One with our Memberships, Academy and Coaching Portals.

Our intention is to provide self sufficiency as a goal by providing you with extraordinary leadership and a positive learning experiences to educate yourself about health and wealth. You are your own best asset so let us show you how to TUNE UP yourself and earn while your Learn. Balance your health, reduce stress and pain, learn to relax and master peak performance.

The MUSIC IS MEDICINE course focused on Brain Wave Entrainment, and how the various brain speeds regulate various functions in each organ.

WE review the Music is the Mind, Music is the Body, Music is Emotions, and Music is the Spirit.

This course covers the W for Webinars, M for Musical Interludes and Brain Wave Concerts, T for Tutorial and R for Resources.

Dr. Drake uses Powerpoint presentation to discuss the theory, then the Piano to demonstrate the VIbrations, then the PEMF AmpCoil powered by BetterGuide to reform the bioelectric and magnetic field of the bodyu. Once the properly tuned vibrations are applied, the can accelerate homeostasis and rebalancing of each organ system, its yin and yang organ pairs.

WE hope you will enjoy listening to music and feeling the vibtration of PEMF to enhance your fhealth.

We are here as your Self Care Coach to mentor and encourage you and aspire to wellness then perhaps even share what you learned with others. In fact, you can make a lucrative, sought after career as an Coach working from home, while helping yourself and others along the way. 







Personal Private Consultation

with Coach
Dr. Deborah Drake
Integrative Medicine Doctor
Doctor of Humanitarian Services
Ph.D. Doctor of Bioenergertics
Stress, Pain, Relaxation, Detox
Peak Performance
& Weight Management
Nutritional Balancing
Bioenergetics Clearing
Ayurvedic Botanicals
Frequency Matrix Therapy
Light Therapy
Auricular Therapy
By Dr. Deborah Drake
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Cardinal Resources for the

South Element - Water Flow

For Emotion Wealth 

of Vibration & Currency


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Bioresonance Soundscape Jam Sessions and Concerts
Brain Wave Entrainment Bioenergy Music Meditations 
Dr. Deborah Drake's
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