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This Integrative Health Coach or Practitioner certification course is offered by Dr. Deborah Drake, who is currently the Course Professor and Director of the Department of Bioenergetic from the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine. This online certification course in Bioenergetic Biofeedback consists of 25 online lectures and case studies plus ongoing mentorship, textbooks, webcasts, online training materials, downloadable video and audio training materials, a textbook and online examinations after powerpoint presentations. The end result is 50 hours of certified course work, upon completion, which may qualify students for the Integrative Health Coach IHC or Integrative Natural Practitioner INP designation from the Board of INtegrative Medicine Students may apply for retraining grants available for study in Canada. See the bridging programs and grant links for second career initiative for funding options.

Integrative Health Coach Course
USD 5,000.00 $

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