25 World Authorities in Natural, Traditional, Eclectic & Alternative Health: Understanding the Future & the Amazing Opportunities Ahead!

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Welcome to the World Organization of Natural Medicine's (WONM) Presents its International Conference - Understanding the Future & the Amazing Opportunities Ahead! NEW BEGINNINGS...

Featuring 25 World Authorities / Professors & Educators in Natural, Traditional, Eclectic & Alternative Health.

Schedule: Friday Nov. 5th Virtual ONLY /// Saturday Nov. 6th & 7th Virtual & IN PERSON at the Markham Hilton Suites & Conference Centre. Willow Ballrooms.


It is clear that the public in general and healthcare providers that modern health challenges have risen to epidemic proportions due to ignorance over the last few decades. Research and evidence in favor of the effectiveness of holistic approaches for prevention and reversal of modern health challenges are overwhelming. Yet, the traditional natural health and healing communities are consistently met with resistance from forces whose mandate is the & 'disease-for-profit' model instead of empowering the masses toward self-care and disease prevention. The lives of far too many people in the world are blighted and cut short by chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes.

WONM's mission is to provide access to traditional healthcare services, geared towards underserved people and promote humanitarian values through education. The expected outcome for this course is consistent with WONM’s goal, which shall be the attainment by all people of the world of high level of wellness through the effective delivery of Traditional natural health and education geared towards underserved people.

Our world-renowned educators and researchers, and mentors will provide you with mentorship on traditional natural health concepts and techniques such as; orthomolecular nutrition, eclectic medicine concepts, home-care techniques, lifestyle management, oriental medicine techniques, disease prevention, stress reduction techniques, anti-aging techniques, functional assessment techniques, and evidence-based techniques and many others.


Legal Liability, Waiver & Non-Disclosure Statement

I fully understand that the Professors & Instructors for the IHCC Course by WONM may not be medical doctors or medical practitioners of any type. I am not here for any medical diagnostic, procedure or medical treatment of any kind. No medical claims are being stated. No claims to the cure of any disorder or any disease is being stated. All sessions conducted by the Professors or Instructors on behalf of the World Organization of Natural Medicine is for personal research and/or investigational and/or informational purposes only. Any statements made have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the F.D.A. This Information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Please note that this type of health consultation is not covered by a private insurance plan.

I may be currently under the care of a medical doctor, specialist and/or other health professional under license according to the laws of the Canadian and/or American Medical Association. I am not here for any treatment, diagnostic and/or procedure related to cancer or any other serious infection for which I may be treated or assessed for. I accept full responsibility for my own health conditions and any possible future interactions, contraindications or complications which may occur. I understand that the Instructors / and WONM and their heirs and/or employees are fully indemnified from any legal responsibility or association with my health condition, now or in the future.

Reference to any entity, product, service or person or source of information should not be considered an endorsement direct or indirect. WONM is not responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information or communication you choose to follow without having consulted a qualified health care provider or professional about your condition first. I am here to receive information on how to continue my good health and education on how to help me develop a self-healing mechanism. The information I receive is not a substitute to sound medical advice.

The following are the healing herbal precautions: Pregnant and nursing women should consult a doctor before using any natural products or supplementation; Not intended for children under 24 months or seniors with a medical condition; Check with your doctor for any possible drug interaction or contraindications before using; If you suffer from a chronic illness, inform us and seek professional help; Do not treat serious illness yourself, seek medical attention right away; Be well informed, make yourself aware of what you are doing in regards to your own health at all times; If you are in doubt about any information provided, please ask. This consultation is to help improve my continued good health & seek guidance on my nutritional requirements.

I have read and agree to the above: informed client statements, herbal precautions and liability clauses/terms. I accept full responsibility for the use of any products, procedures or services that I may purchase from WONM through the IHCC.

Please note the following: For health and safety reasons, there are NO REFUNDS on any individual course once the class has begun. Membership to our Health Association is automatic in order to protect your rights to receive information associated with this Private Organization, (you are permitted to this information according to the Canadian Carter of Rights & Freedoms and under the Freedom of Religion Act 1977 and the American Constitution.)

For more details please visit WONM.ORG




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