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Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine Presents

The WONM-CCHM Humanitarian Health Stewardship program is a thorough and practical course that offers the core foundational knowledge and techniques that are grounded in a traditional natural health philosophy throughout history to prevent and reverse health challenges through education and people empowerment.

This program concurs with WONM's mission to provide access to traditional healthcare services geared towards underserved people and promote humanitarian values through education. The expected outcome for this course is consistent with WONM's goal, which shall be the attainment by all people of the world of a high level of wellness through the effective delivery of traditional natural health healing systems and education geared towards underserved people.

Twelve WONM members, educators and researchers have collaborated to bring you this unique program. They will provide you with mentorship on traditional natural health concepts and techniques such as; orthomolecular nutrition, eclectic medicine concepts, self-care techniques, simple yet effective ancient remedies, lifestyle management, oriental medicine techniques, disease prevention, stress reduction techniques, anti-aging techniques, functional assessment techniques, and evidence-based techniques and many others.



Course Breakdown:

  • 24 hours of students interactive training process( group studies)

  • 144 hours of live sessions ( internet classroom) - including supervision experience & mentorship

  • 10 hours of pre- review material

  • 15 hours of peer coaching

  • 10 hours of reflective assignments

  • 2 hour exam - (written & practical) online exam**


Upon completion of this program:

  • You will receive a Health Coach diploma from the Canadian College of Humanitarian.

  • Qualifies for eligibility to become Board Certified as a Certified Integrative Health with the Board of Integrative Medicine (Graduates with a medical background), or certified Natural Health Coach (CNHC) by the Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners (Non-medical background practitioners).

  • You will be eligible for membership as a Humanitarian Health Steward from the World Organization of Natural Medicine.

Requirements for Admission:
**Review of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry are prerequisite reading material for non-medical practitioners for admission to the IHCC Course



INSTRUCTORS (In order of course)



1st Course: Pillars of Wellness and Eclectic Medicine
Instructor: Dame Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, Ph.D., IMD, DHS

2nd Course: Reverse the Curse of Metabolic Syndrome
Instructor: Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel PhD IMD DHS

3rd Course: Remove the "Splinters" and Watch the Body Heal
Instructor: Gerald H. Smith, DDS, IMD, DHS

4th Course: Unboxing the Mysteries of Essential Oils
Instructor: Debbie Irwin RRDH, ICP, CNHP MFT

5th Course: Integrative/Functional/Lifestyle Medicine
Instructor: Prof. Dr. George Grant, Ph.D.,(UofT), M.Sc., IMD, DHS,

6th Course: Qi Gong Acupressure Massage
Instructor: Dr. Troy Bennett, D.Ac., DNM, DHS

7th Course: Title: Introduction to Bioenergetics & Six Healing Sounds
Instructor: Sir. Dr. Stanley Ngui Ph.D., IMD, DHS.

8th Course: Blood Test Evaluation
Dr. Paul Conyette, Ph.D., DNM, NMD, DHS

9th Course, Title: Better Sleep Better Health
Instructor: Dr. Eugene Fung, Ph.D., IMD, MBA, DHS

10th Course: Music and Medicine
Instructor: Dr. Deborah Drake, Ph.D. MD(RET), IMD, IHC, DHS

11th Course: Anatomy of Change
Instructor: Grace Sedstrem, RNP, PHS, DHS, NLPT

12th Course, Title: Quantum Health Sciences
Instructor: Brian Gangel, DHS, IMP, BOIM

January 24, 2022
**Date subject to change

**(4 payments of $900.00)**


For more information, please download the catalogue below:

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Humanitarian Health Stewardship Program

Starting Jan 24th 2022, join our new online Certification course with Dr. Drake and 11 other supremely knowledgable and dedicated Humanitarian International Health Stewards. These experienced Intergrative Medicine Professors share their Core Career Pearls from all genres, with over 500 years of experience collectively, from their hearts to you in the comfort of your home. 
There is No Better Time or Need to Know Thyself, Polish New Career Skills,  & Learn Ideal Coaching Strategies to Guide Yourself and Others in the necessary Steps of Lifelong Self Care!
This Course Provides Certification in Humanitarian Health Stewardship designed for lay persons and for Health Coaches and is sponsored by the Canadian College Of Humanitarian Medicine.
Act Now to Change Your Life. Click these links below for details and registration for Jan 24 2022.

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